The Five Stars of Aged Care: Questions When Considering Aged Care Providers

Aging is a time for your elderly when they can either be satisfied or stagnating. Knowing they deserve best, we should help them make the rest of their years meaningful, joyous and engaging. Life is still an adventure and for them, they need us and the 5-star aged care companies provide to assist them.

We have then to consider what makes an aged care support provider five-star. Here are 5 questions and points you have to ask yourself.

Are they qualified?

The task of assisting and supporting your elderly can be a demanding and sensitive role to take. Most agecare establishments have to employ support workers, medical practitioners, and nurses that have been accredited by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency. They should also have a Certificate III that helps them specialize in aging, home, and community practice.

Do they have plenty of options? Are they flexible?

You should also have a variety of options and approaches for your aged as what 5-star aged care establishments allow you to consider. Check these questions and if you answered yes for most of them, you’ve got a care provider for tending to your aged:

Do they give choices between home aged care and nursing home care?

Are there assessments for home care eligibility aligned with health care policies?

Do their home nursings include round-the-clock care, disability assistance, personal and domestic care, transportation assistance and in-home respite services?

Do they have professionals that offer specialized care management such as dementia and palliative care?

Once you’ve considered these questions, your aged care-related home cares may just weigh lighter on your shoulders. Knowing your loved ones are on good and flexible hands is a plus.

Do they offer planning and anticipatory measures?

Effective healthcare aligns with SMART goal setting. This means the planning phase includes Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound solutions. With qualified medical expertise, future problems such as injury coming from an under-maintained household can be tackled ahead of time. Visit their webpage at Aarcare

Are they affordable? What payment options do they entertain?

A loaded question — on top of the basic daily fee, are there other payments that can adjust based on your or your aged’s financial situation? There should be since the Australian Government requires aged care establishments to provide proper financial assessment to determine whether a means tested care fee should be paid.

Payment options such as a refundable accommodation deposit, a daily accommodation payment and a combination payment are some you may discuss with the quality aged care service provider you’ve chosen.

Do they go the extra mile?

It isn’t enough that you have all the other considerations intact — qualifications and all. Healthcare requires human skills to develop rapport and an intimate connection to fully work. Support professionals as hired by most 5-star aged care facilities are endowed with friendliness, and courteousness — attributes that aid your loved to aging happily as they deserve.

You don’t have to look too far

Finding a fitting aged care provider for your loved one doesn’t have to be too difficult. Most aged care establishments like Arcare are readily available to answer your queries and discuss care solutions with you. Know more about your options at

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