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Apart from food and air, the human body cannot survive without water. However, there are contents in household water nowadays which are causing people to be ill. The causes of illness from the water is not only limited to virus and bacteria, but from toxic substances like fluoride as well. That is why whole house fluoride removal and other filtering systems should be installed in your home’s water system.


These are the kind of services being offered by Filtered Water Solutions. You may think that you don’t need to have a whole house fluoride removal or any filtration system installed. Before you decide not to get one however, try reading the following reasons why you should:

1. Bacteria and microbes removal – Microorganisms are unseen by the naked eyes, but they are present around us and many of them can cause diseases. There are also microbes found within your water system that can make you sick and at times, may lead to a serious condition.

Making use of the company’s reverse osmosis Melbourne services can reduce or eliminate the bacteria from your water system. This means your family will only be using and drinking microorganism-free water as you open your faucets.

2. Filtering fluoride and chlorine – Fluoride are found in the water system of most houses. Recent studies show that fluoride is toxic for the human body and can cause several illnesses, such as degeneration and weakening of the bones. Now ask yourself, would you want your family to be exposed to such risks?

If your answer is no, having a reverse osmosis filter Melbourne installed into your water system helps reduce the fluoride level. With this, you can be assured of a whole house fluoride removal from your water system. The same goes for chlorine, which is also toxic to the human body at a certain level.

3. Alkalizing water – Did you know that alkaline water is good for the body? Yes, alkaline water can help detoxify your body from impurities which can later cause diseases. Aside from that, they can neutralize acids and remove free radicals that cause cells to die and breakdown.

With alkaline water, you can increase the alkaline environment within your body, which helps boost the immune functions within.

Did the above health benefits get your attention? Now, let’s take a look into the services offered by Filtered Water Solutions to achieve the above-mentioned benefits:

1. Filters and other products

Filtered Water Solutions sell products that help filter and reduce toxic substances like chlorine and fluoride, as well as harmful microbes from your water system. They sell products from simple tap filters, caravan filters, bottled water cooler, to reverse osmosis filter Brisbane.

Aside from filter systems, they also provide products which can be installed to your water system, making it more alkaline and healthy to drink.

2. Installation services

Having a state-of-the-art filtering system is useless unless it is installed along the water system in your house. Filtered Water Solutions does not only offer products that filter your water and make it healthier, but also install it for you. You can be guaranteed of quality installation services from expert technicians who will handle the installation process for you.

3. Maintenance services

Once installed, the filters can remove harmful substances of microbes from your water system. However, as time goes by, the filters will eventually saturate and will need to be cleaned. If proper maintenance is not done, instead of filtering harmful substances from your household water, these substances will be circulated back to your water system.

Water filtration system requires maintenance every twelve months to ensure that they function the way they should, providing you with healthy drinking water. The expert technicians from Filtered Water Solutions can provide your filter system with the right maintenance services to ensure that your health is not compromised.

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